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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dear Sanford


Rumor has it that you used to play the beehive in a band in the late 90's called "Garage Sale Warrior". I once attended a GSW show, and have never seen such talent. Your sound was a mix between Gwar and Debbie Gibson, but with rhymes as ill as Slick Rick. I really enjoyed the Tuff Luck cover songs that you orchestrated. Did choosing "Longshanks" Heard as manager
eventually lead to GSW's demise?



Thank you for taking the time to read my previous post, Thank You, Google, For Uncovering My Unknown Talents (And A Brief History Of Garage Sale Warrior), which covers most of the questions in your note.

I did not play the beehive regularly. I played the kazoo and the bowstaff. However, I did play the beehive on the Tuff Luck cover you mentioned, "Sleaze If You Please." Longshanks' role as our manager played no part in the band's breakup. In fact, he was the one who turned Walter Branson on to our sound and got us on a tour card with the Pixies and Love Beads. At left is a picture of our show in Osaka during that tour. If you look closely, you can see Black Francis, who, along with Squirt of Love Beads, sat in with us on "Cumberbund And The Fractitious Won" during this tour. Also visible in the picture is yours truly and Clubbin' Chris.

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