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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Spam Is Darwinism In Action

Here is the text of random spam taken from my Yahoo bulk folder:

Dear Homeowner,

You have been approved for a $402,000 house loan at a 3.25% Stable
This offer is being extended to you unconditionally. Your credit is in
no way a factor.

To take advantage of this One Time Offer,

please take a minute and confirm your curiosity or intention to accept
this loan, at the following web-site:

6 different copies of this e-mail were sent to me from different addresses, none looking very official or trustworthy (e.g. "morton_bowersgz@ waycoolinc.com"). You would think that anyone with a 3rd grade education would assume someone shady, rather than a legitimate business, is behind this mailing. Otherwise, the company would not have to resort to grammatically incorrect bulk e-mail to drum up business. If someone is dumb enough not to recognize this, he deserves whatever ill fate awaits his link clicking.

Following is a spam comment one of my ingenious posts received:

Anonymous said...

On campus, Net is the great communicator
Charis Stiles lost her late grandmother's gold ring and hair clip recently as she stumbled home ... Please, dear God, if you find them return them," Stiles, 21, wrote the next afternoon to a popular Web site frequented by her New College of Florida peers.
Your blog is very interesting, check out mine if you have a chance sometime!
I have a debt site/blog. It pretty much covers debt related stuff.

9/06/2005 11:08 AM

Who reads this comment, possibly the least understandable text I have ever seen, and thinks to himself, "I have got to see what this guy has to say about debt"? Hopefully, the link contains a virus that wipes out the user's computer.


Blogger SafeTinspector opined...

I recently received a completely authentic looking notice from Paypal that I recently purchased a watch and shipped it to california.
I mean, REALLY authentic. I run an eBay auction store, and I know what their payment notices look like.
Only by viewing the source could I see that the link to "dispute" the payment took you to some damn Russian server for to get ass-raped.

10/20/2005 7:29 PM  

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