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Monday, October 17, 2005

Fun With Scammers Part 6: Fake Online Dating Service

I don't know about anyone else, but I know I prefer using e-mail on online dating services to yahoo, hotmail, and gmail. It appears I'm not alone.


Did you get my last email? I saw your ad on Friend Finder and thought I would write. I am new to this area and looking for new friends. I just moved near Fairfax from Colorado about a month ago andI must say I really like it here. I haven't met anyone yet, except for my roomate who moved here a while back. She's made some friends through the internet and she says there's a lot of nice people I might like here. I don't have an email connection yet so I am using my friends. I am generally a happy person. Very optimistic, outgoing, fun, affectionate, honest, adventuresome, love family and friends and love to travel. My roomate Christine thought I should email you and she showed me how to send it but nowI can't figure out how to attach my picture here. Christine attached my picture on Findyourfriendlymatch.com. You can locate my number 2986363. If it interests you, you can call me on my cell phone tomorrow at 65254194I am fairly open minded and I like trying new things. I care deeply for those around me and I have a lot of love to give the right person. Any way we can talk and see what we have in common and maybe get together if you would like to.


Looking forward to your call.
I don't know if we'll be using this address anymore so call me and let's see where it goes.


I did not get another e-mail from you, but I am excited to receive this one. You are really lovely. You have beautiful shoulders and elbows. I tried to call your number, but you must have accidentally left out a couple of numbers. Your roommate seems to be quite computer literate. I guess it’s lucky for me that she is such a whiz.

It sounds as though we might have a lot in common. I, too, am happy and fun. I also love friends. Nothing in the world beats being happy and having fun with friends. However, I loathe my family. Other things that might interest you are that I’m spontaneous and quite symmetrical. In edition, my grammar is impeccible.

What exactly do you mean by adventuresome? Do you like to go out in the woods and hunt for magi? If so, there really is not a good place in this area for that type of adventure. I have a group of friends that I role play adventure games with if you would like to join us. They are some neat people.

Attached is a picture of me. I hope you like it.

Eagerly awaiting your response,

P.S. Where did you say you got my information?

I'm sorry, Janie and I have turned on the auto response for this email address, she sent out a few emails to some people from here and we won't be checking this address anymore. She is going to get her emails through www.Findyourfriendlymatch.com, this way she won't have to sign in everytime to pick up her mail, it will be forwarded to my computer.



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