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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fun With Scammers Part 5: Mach90 Disaster

This correspondence with a Mach90 scammer kind of blew up in my face. After my response, I began receiving 30 e-mails per day from Ms. Pingpong.


My name is Kathy Sumampong, and I am writing you this email from my home. The reason for this email is that you and I share something in common...

At some point in our lives we contemplated or tried to start a home business. Don't worry; I'm not trying to sell you anything. I just want to ask you a simple question?

If I helped you start a part-time business from your home and in two years you retired... would you send me a Thank You card? If your answer is "Yes" simply reply “I Want Information” and I will send out some information to you right away.

Be sure to include:
1. First name
2. Last name
3. Email address (if different from above)
4. Country
5. Phone #:

If your answer is "no" please delete this email because I will not be contacting you again.

Thank you so much for your time.

I hope you will at least take a free look.


Kathy Sumampong

Ms. Sumampong,

If you can allow me to retire within 2 years, I will not only send you a thank you card, but I will invite you to my retirement party where you will sit at the head table with my concubines. Everyone will get wasted and sing 80's songs. It will be like the party in that movie Apocalypse Now. In answer to your questions:

1. Gar
2. Frankenhorn
3. use the one you sent this to
4. Confederate States Of America
5. 703.936.1212

I look forward to your reply. I want to make some money. Is this venture by any chance associated with Amway or any other pyramid scheme? I've always wanted to get in on a pyramid scheme. People in that line of work always seem so cool.

Tinkle tinkle tinkle,
Gar Frankenhorn

P.S. What do we have in common? If you think the answer is our species, you might be surprised.


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